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Consumers Liquor is one of the oldest liquor stores on Sunset Blvd. Opened In 1946 by an Italian American, In a building that was originally a house build in 1919. The building is still the same almost unchanged. Our huge neon sign is as old as the store, and is a true icon of neon history. Before this location was became a liquor store it was a restaurant. One of the people that was a regular in this restaurant was Clark Gable! After the war it became a liqour store. Next door to us was the MGM recording studio back in the fifties and sixties. Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr used to record there, they were regulars in our store. Sinatra used to hang out with Joe DiMaggio, baseball player who was married to Marilyn Monroe. Dimaggio and Sinatra used come shop here, when they where hanging out.

We have a lot of Hollywood history packed into this little store! Back in the mid eighties there was a band living in a little dumpy place behind a small guitar shop right down the street.They used to come into our store and buy "Nighttrain" a cheap high alcohol content drink. They were broke and played gigs all over hollywood to make ends meet. That small band became known as " Guns & Roses"! They made a song about there favorite drink called "Nighttrain" on the "Appetite For Destruction" album. People from all over the world come in my store asking we still sell "Nighttrain", they know the band used to buy it here. We still sell it! Our store is also featured in Pinks "So what" video. She drives down Sunset on a lawnmower, stops by our store to pick up a bottle of Belvedere. You can see the video on youtube.

We carry more then 250 types of beer, over 300 spirits and big selection of wines. We carry a lot of craft beers that are not found in many stores. Wide variety of products at competitive prices. Our prices are very competitive with Bevmo and Ralphs, a lot of times we are even cheaper. Fast service, easy to park on our parking lot in the back. Check out our stuff on this site!

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